3D Printing Trade Association Recommends 3D Printing Business Course

More and more firms are getting into 3D Printing, and more and more start ups are failing due to general business knowledge. 3D Printing Trade Association members have started on online business course which discusses the business end of 3D Printing. The course outline is below, but click here for the 3D Printing Business Course

The course outline follows:

Course Outline

Introduction to 3D Printing
How does 3D Printing Work?
Who is (and who will be) using 3D Printing?
What are the main issues to consider in 3D Printing?
What are the trends in the 3D Printing Industry?
What are the Key Success Factors for, and top mistakes made by, 3D Printing firms?
Strategic Planning for 3D Printing companies
Marketing 101 for 3D Printing firms (blunders included)!
How to generate leads for your 3d printing project or service.>/li>
Sales and Sales Management for 3D Printing firms
How to build a budget for 3D Printing firms
Leadership and Management development for 3D Printing companies
International aspects and opportunities in 3D Printing
10 Ways a 3d Printing firm should work a trade show
What does government need to know about 3D Printing?

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