3D Printing Trends – 3D Printing In Serial Production

According to an EY report, 36% of global firms have already moved towards applying this technology in their everyday working, validating its importance to the industry. 1 in 3 firms shows the trend is here, and it is not a “fad.”

India too has seen a distinct upturn in interest in 3D printing, with multiple industries transforming the space. While most use cases currently revolve around prototyping, the evolution of the technology has now allowed for organizations to move towards its implementation in the commercial production process. Firms have asked if 3D Printing will replace manufacturing….well, it IS manufacturing!

Historically, lasers and computers did not meet the requirements of modern production environments – which is why it was used in Rapid Prototyping in the early days – where it helped accelerate time to market. Today, we are in addition ensuring that we constantly reduce production costs – which is essential for serial production. One of the first steps towards altering this situation is the need for a change in perspective towards 3D printing. Read the full article from from Fortune India here

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