New 3D Printing Uses – Bose Comes OnLine In 3D Printing

The concept of wearable everyday AR glasses or “smart glasses” is a fun one: imagine looking around you and getting up-to-date digital information about everything you see. Unfortunately, the reality of walking downtown with the impossibly nerdy Google Glass on your face can seem about as appealing as walking into work naked. They’re not the most stylish accessories.

A new AR sunglasses prototype from audio specialist Bose might not be as high-tech as Google Glass, but it’s certainly a lot more discreet. That’s because the high-tech specs provide audio information rather than visual information about the surrounding environment, whispering things in your ear rather than projecting them in front of your eyes.

In a way, that makes them a bit less exciting than mega-futuristic products like Google Glass, but probably much more appealing for non-specialist tasks such as looking at landmarks on holiday.

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