So, When Does Amazon Dominate The 3D Printing Industry?

Amazon has received patents on a number of aspects of product customization that suggest it could become the larget marketplace for custom or 3D Printed goods. It could either offer custom goods or become a facilitator for a total reinvention of how goods are designed.

Consider the patents. One from 2017, previously reported in the media, specifies an entire assembly line to cut and stitch apparel to users’ specification. 

A patent granted this past September describes an “apparatus for on-demand customization of products” across a broad swath of items, from vehicle parts to toys to consumer electronics, to apparel, or “in general any real-world, physical product or item that may be enhanced, extended, customized, or combined with other products.” These things, says Amazon, could be built using 3-D manufacturing, or other methods. 

The offers the full article here

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