Who Gets to Regulate Trade and Production of 3D-Printed Goods?

What with the recent scandal surrounding 3D-printed handguns, people have begun to discuss the best ways to regulate 3D printing. Should we regulate it to maintain safety, put boundaries on personal liberties, and protect intellectual property rights? Or should we let creativity within 3D printing continue to unravel and surprise us with more and more innovative concepts?

Some are speaking out about the intellectual property rights associated with any 3D-printed good. They say we need to regulate to protect the owners of those rights. What will happen when intellectual property rights are stolen is unfair and goes against free market principles. Others believe government regulation on a new technology will only stifle it (more on that here at 3D Printing Law Firm. They believe people with 3D printing designs should give open access to them so others can benefit from and add to the innovation.

Philadelphia has proposed a bill prohibiting the creation of 3D-printed guns through statutory law – will it get approved? Will other cities follow?

If the Philadelphia bill passes, no more of these:3d gun

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